Founder Juliet Guo

The Company: Juliet’s know-how

2002. Juliet Guo, a specialist of cashmere and all its facets, decides to found her company, a manufactory in the outskirts of Shanghai. Quickly, international luxury brands trust her knowledge (Armani, Calvin Klein, Max Mara).

Hailing from a very humble background, Juliet has managed to overcome multiple obstacles thanks to her courage and to the support of family and friends. Her work and training in both Chinese and German companies have led her to master all production stages of this precious natural resource. Moreover, as a native of the Alashan Plateau, from which 70% of the world’s cashmere originates, she has developed warm and strong bonds since childhood with the local farmers and herdsmen.

2007. Juliet Guo founds Sandriver brand, which integrates every single stage of production: goat rearing, cashmere collection, manufacturing, collection designs and outlets. It is an ambitious company based on Juliet's exceptional knowledge and her ability to create consensus with whomever she works.

Over the past decade, the brand has expanded at an incredible pace. Sandriver now owns eleven shops and continues to grow worldwide.

The Brand: Juliet’s dream
Be true to the product,
Be good to the vast country,
Be full of respect for the herdsmen.
                                        Juliet Guo

Juliet has a dream: for all people producing cashmere in her home country, Inner Mongolia, to be proud of the scarves, clothes and accessories she shows and sells to the entire world; and for them to enjoy a peaceful life thanks to her work and values: hard work, authenticity, heart and harmony with the environment.

Sandriver – a symbol of life burgeoning in the Inner Mongolian deserts, where buried rivers meet with the sands, is deeply respectful of the environment. Whether it be through the choice of natural dyes, harmony with nature at each production stage, or her warm and protective relationships with local herdsmen.

Julie Guo is a dynamic woman who travels and manages her business. She cares for people and needs to be in a comfortable environment. She is deeply convinced that her values build the way for a pure, noble product which will fully appeal to and satisfy cashmere lovers around the globe.

The creation: Juliet’s vision
To design her collections, Juliet has surrounded herself with a team of dynamic international designers and artists such as Junko Koshino, a Japanese designer whose work is shown worldwide (Beijing, Paris, Tokyo, New York), and who is a recipient of multiple fashion awards; French-Columbian artist Francesca Brenda- Mitterrand; and German and Chinese fashion designers Antje Weidner and Qin Wanyu. Every one of them brings a unique know-how and cosmopolitan vision to the new collections.

Collections are carefully studied to meet the needs of women of all sorts and lifestyles: a myriad of scarves and shawls for every season; reversible and ready-to-wear garments with bright, happy, and vibrant colors; comfortable ensembles specifically designed for enchanting long distance flights; plaids and blankets to wrap oneself in softness on winter nights; and robes and gowns to feel snug at home.

This vision of women – based on Juliet's life and values, makes Sandriver's collections unique: both practical and fun, chic and comfortable, soft and bright, but mostly, deeply endearing.


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