The extraordinary nature
of cashmeree

Cashmere is indeed an unusual material. It pills, it loves water, it gets better as it gets older and… it’s very fussy! That is why you need to read this introduction. Otherwise, you might miss out on some crucial facts and details, and may damage your soft, beautiful and lovable cashmere garments!!

How to recognize
genuine cashmere

First, it is extremely SOFT. This softness comes from the length of the fiber: the longer, the finer.

Second, it is WARM. It almost feels as if it is alive. A souvenir from the goat that powered it, perhaps?

Third, try this. Hold it very tight in your palm, as if you wanted to squeeze it. Then suddenly open your hand. Does it pop back to its normal shape? It’s genuine cashmere.

Cashmere pills because of its natural structure. Its scales are small and do not protrude very much, which contributes to its renowned softness and smoothness. Sure, we could twist the yarn even more to completely prevent any pilling. But in doing so, the final cashmere product would not be as soft or smooth.

At Sandriver, we maintain a balance between pilling and touching. This means that your sweater might pill a little. In that case, gently remove the pills, either by hand, or with a special fabric-pill remover. Soon enough, you’ll find it will stop pilling as your garment continues to receive the best of care.

True cashmere pills

Cleaning options

You can use a trusted and professional dry cleaner. This way you’re not taking any risks; your garment stays in top shape and the color stays beautiful. Another way is washing it by hand, and this requires a little bit more know-how

How to hand wash

What is bad
for cashmere

Spraying perfume or cologne at a close distance.

Washing with a harsh detergent or bleach.

Sitting too close to a fire.

Neglect, sadness, eating carelessly, bad temper.

We have seen cashmere lovers who are collectors, who can be seen hugging their sweater, cuddling in cashmere blankets and not getting out of them except if forced, burying their face in their scarves and wishing it were a swimming pool, caressing their cheek with a shawl and imagining they are dancing

We have seen cashmere lovers who are collectors, who have a sweater in every color, and who display them in their closet together to form a rainbow; and then there are those “lifelong” cashmere fans who have had a sweater for almost their entire life.

A true
cashmere lover


Your incomparably smooth and gentle garment can improve with age if you give it the proper love and care that it deserves. This tends to prove cashmere is no ordinary material, don’t you think?

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