Free delivery and returns. Delivery time is 4-6 days. 100% cashmere.

Francesca Brenda-Mitterrand's artist series: "Red and Black"


· This scarf creation by French artist Francesca Brenda Mitterrand presents "Red and Black", an abstract painting and metaphor of human desire with the free and easy emotions of life; the artist's creativity is brought to life via digital printing technology.

· All of Sandriver's raw cashmere materials come from the Alashan Plateau of Inner Mongolia,the heartland of high quality cashmere. To ensure a constant supply of superior cashmere, Sandriver Founder and CEO Guo Xiuling,a native of the region, has built her own close-knit sourcing base of 30 local herding families,some of whom operate on Guo-owned, high-quality grasslands.

· Size: Wide:100*Long:210CM

· Material: 100% cashmere


Free delivery and returns. Delivery time is 4-6 days. Free returns

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