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    About Us

    • Brand History

      sandriver was established in 2002 supported by a self-owned factory in Jinshan district of Shanghai. Renowned international fashion designers are on permanent research to creat products that go with global and innovative trends. All cashmere raw materials come from the Alashan area in Inner Mongolia: the heart of high quality cashmere. sandriver cooperates with the herdsman to establish own grasslands for keeping the superior cashmere of origin. The cashmere garments are finely made on German Stoll computerized machines. Using advanced technology, unique design solutions and a modern colour range, the products have become a symbol for a new luxury fashion statement. Celebrities from Tokyo and the Chinese fashion scene as well as European and American customers appreciate the high quality of these luxury items. A strong sales service team is continuously working to promote the principle of life style and taste, in order to establish the concept of “individual image” that cashmere stands for.

    • About sandriver

      Holding on the gentle and honest characters of Inner Mongolian, sandriver’s initial establishment is closely associated with fashion design and herdsman spirit. sandriver integrates the Northern generosity into the delicacies of Shanghai culture in order to bring the noble quality of cashmere products into daily life. The brand presents her collections of life luxury base on the pursuance of fineness, leisure, and adherence. sandriver implants a dynamic spirit soul to the product design through the process of culture integration among European, Chinese, and Japanese. The Classic luxury of Europe, transformed into a driven force of modern fashion, motivated craft skill in sandriver products. Five thousand years of Chinese traditional art, becomes sandriver’s creation genes. Japanese Zen, calm and peace spirit, has been transferred into the every part of sandriver’s cashmere, leading our customers experience towards simplistic fashion and luxury of calmness. sandriver revives the refinement of Northern prairie in her brand philosophy, delicately utilizing cashmere and repaying to herdsman and land. In 2006, sandriver cooperates with the herdsman of Alashan-Inner Mongolia to establish own grasslands for keeping the superior cashmere of origin. In these years, the well-cared lambs on sandriver’s grasslands continuously provide stable and premium baby cashmere. Along with stylish design and fine crafting, sandriver brings love with the interpretation into products; a way to appreciate the excellent source from the great motherland. Merged with European and Japanese designers’ concepts, sandriver is showing her distinct characters of best quality, delicate craftsmanship, and fashion in luxury. Today, sandriver stands her unique position and manner of cashmere fashion, as the royal guardian to the forever luxury of cashmere.

    • Junko KOSHINO

      Junko KOSHINO Born in Osaka, Koshino graduated Design Course at Bunka Fashion College. Koshino won The Soen Award while she was in the college. She participated in the Paris Collection for the first time in 1978. Koshino held fashion shows in Beijing in 1985, NY (Metropolitan Museum) in 1990, Hanoi in 1994, and Cuba in 1996, etc. In 2005, she had her design exhibition at the Museum of Chinese History and Revolution(Beijing). In 2006, she received "Cavaliere dell’ Ordine della Stella della Solidarieta’ Italiana”. In 2008, she produced the opening reception and fashion show for the Japan Festival at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. In 2008, she was appointed as YOKOSO! JAPAN ambassador (Japan Tourism Agency) and as the image ambassador in Japan for the promotion of Expo 2010 Shanghai China(Shanghai Municipal People's Government). Her range of works is wide from designing costumes for the opera “The Magic Flute” and “Madame Butterfly”, the Broadway musical play “Pacific Overtures” and Muscle Musical to designing sports uniforms, and interior designing. Ms. Junko Koshino has been paying great effort on the transmission of fashion idea in developing countries, especially China. She was honored with “International Communication Embassador” by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. As a frequent user of triangle, square and circular as her creative elements, Ms Junko Koshino regards circular as the symbol of the Nature, while triangle and square as the symbol of human civilization. By the three shapes’ asymmetrically fuse and conflict, exquisite harmony and balance are created. It is known that the intuition of “round sky and square earth” is essence of sophisticated Chinese culture. In sandriver products, the old intuition will be thoroughly interpreted by Ms. Junko Koshino. She also appreciates the full expression of nature spirit by sandriver , which identity its own future as a world-class cashmere brand, and determine to give the customers decent experience of cashmere products with characters of both Chinese elements and modern life. In the eyes of Ms. Junko Koshino, sandriver not only illustrates excellent and precise utilization of Cashmere artistry, but also inspires from the connection of human beings and natural world.

    • Bibliograpgy--Francesca Brenda

      Bibliograpgy--Francesca Brenda Born to a family of artists, inspired by her father, Francesca Brenda has been passionate about painting since childhood. She was raised by her grandmother in Columbia, South America. Throughout her life, she frequently traveled among Central America, Europe, Lebanon, Morocco, and Asia. Francesca is known for revealing conflicts of cultures and people, violence, joy and ache in her art work. Through heavy brush and conflicting color, her paintings express hope, resentment, love, happiness, human right and violation. Her painting catches the moments of transformation. The portraits on the canvas are showing various types of human emotions: elfish, laugh and love, revealing exaggerated and distorted abstract facial expressions. In preparation of her art work, Francesca Brenda-Mitterrand would spend a lot of time on canvas base layers. Most of the connoisseurs would agree that her appreciation of the plain space is a real challenge: physically and emotionally. Her painting is not only a simple decoration, but also a fine art blending naturally with surrounding space. Some European connoisseurs describe Francesca Brenda-Mitterrand’s work of art is full of uniqueness and allure of modern form.

    • German designer Antje Weidner

      German designer Antje Weidner is now the designer of sandriver. Used to be the creative director of Hugo Boss and Strenesse, and with working experience in Italy, Germany and Switzerland, Antje is highly sensitive to fashion and can handle the fashion trend at ease. He fuses unique European art idea with Chinese traditional elements, and makes extraordinary breakthroughs in cashmere workmanship. It is the first perfect combination of “cashmere fashion” with craft improvement, and it has been paid a high appraisal and compliment by many industry experts. Antje’s works are published in many renowned fashion magazines.

    • Qin Wanyu

      Qin Wanyu is now the designer of sandriver. She is a member of China Fashion Association, China Fashion Alliance signed designer, Jiangsu Province outstanding fashion designer. In decades, she had served several of domestic and foreign excellent knitting equipment company. Not only knowing the principle of various knitting technology well, but also She has mastered the design of fancy structural, fabric, fashion show clothes, different type of garments, socks and accessories. So she has a deep understanding of the knitting clothing chain market. At the same time, she has abundant market clothing design ideas. Used to be guided the college which is knitting design professional students for several times, and published several articles in the knitting industry magazine. A part of her fashion design works have been written in the domestic colleges knitting teaching materials.